About Me

Hello! I look forward to working with you! I have been passionate about home staging, interior re-design and home organization for years.  I provide in-home and virtual services to fit any budget.  If you need your entire home staged or just need advice on how to better organize your in-home office, I am here to help!  My virtual services allow me to help people who live outside Charleston, South Carolina.

I am passionate about helping people create a memorable and less cluttered home (and life!).  I can help you get your home ready to sell or help you love your home more if you plan to stay.  I am a military veteran and we moved many times.  I have always made it a priority to create a home that is memorable and less cluttered.  Of these homes, we rented many, purchased three and sold two homes.   We have put down roots in Charleston, South Carolina, a city we absolutely love!  We try to live a more simplified, minimalist life without all the clutter, which can be difficult (but not impossible!) with two young boys!  I try to keep the chaos to a minimum and create spaces that are beautiful, serve a purpose and allow us to thrive!   I have certifications in home staging and interior redesign and have priced my services to fit any budget.  I look forward to working with you! 



Need to sell your home, and sell it fast?  I help home owners and real estate agents, on any budget, sell homes faster and for the most money! 

Interior Redesign

Not looking to move but want a change in scenery?  I can give you ideas, on any budget, to help you love your home again!

Home Organization and Downsizing Support

I can help you minimize, simplify and organize whether you are staying in your current home or downsizing.

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